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Two great videos on hijab

Posted August 26, 2016 by Mark Anderson Leave a comment

Two great videos on hijab

Posted August 26, 2016 by Mark Anderson Leave a comment

Canada’s female Mounties (Royal Canadian Mounted Police) can finally wear hijab. Thank you, Prime Minister Trudeau. But due to the media’s fairly constant diet of terrorist acts around the world, it’s increasingly difficult for many people to think of Muslims as anything but terrorists. In fact, many Americans now ask if hijabi women can be truly American. Unfortunately, some need to start with an even more basic question: Are hijabi women truly human? The Atlantic magazine has made a wonderful video clip that answers both questions with a resounding Yes! It also gives us some sense of the challenges American hijabi women face.

The second video (below) follows in the tradition of “I’m a _____, but I’m not…” It, too, shows us the humanity of women who wear the hijab. It also helps us realize that, however noticeable and politicized the hijab may currently be, wearing hijab is just one aspect of many Muslim women’s commitment to please God in all they do.



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